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There are some amazingly beautiful hair color trends for fall.  For one, succulents are having an important yet unforeseen hair moment. The term succulent is referring to those drought-resistant plants.

This multi-toned style is showing up everywhere.  It’s been recreated and reinterpreted in so many ways all over Instagram.  You can choose darker colors or a bright, more neon shade.  Nevertheless, it’s most important to build the color piece by piece by weaving purple and magenta colors in at the ends of your hair, a turquoise shade through the length, and last, a jade hue near the crown.

Should you try the succulent trend at home?

Succulent hair is definitely a salon-made situation. With all those bold dyes at play, there’s a lot of room for error.  You should make an appointment if you want your hair to match your cacti. Sadly, succulent hair is higher maintenance than its plant counterpart. As it is with any rainbow hair, it requires commitment.  It’s advised to not shampoo daily and when you do, use ice-cold water.

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