How to Get that Summer Glow

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We all love that surfer-girl summer glow: warm, carefree, and fresh-from-the-beach gorgeous.  If you can’t spend hours tanning in the sun (and you shouldn’t), bronzer is a great alternative that will give you a hint of color that will brighten your look.

The latest bronzers available come in many natural colors and are easy to apply.  Best of all, a summer glow really doesn’t require much effort.  You are simply improving upon your own skin tone.

Bronzer gives you that casual summer look.  Shop for bronzer to find the shade that works best with your skin tone.  Something to remember is that you must choose and apply bronzer correctly (no streaks or orange skin allowed!). With a dab here and a swipe there, you will learn how to get professional results in three easy steps.

To start your beach makeover you need to begin by covering your skin to even out your complexion.  Don’t go too heavy on the coverage.  It’s best to use a lightly-tinted moisturizer for a smooth natural look.

Do you want to feel carefree and confident all summer long?

Brush bronzer gently on your cheeks, forehead, nose, and around your jawline to give your face that luminous look.  You want to highlight areas that are more inclined to get sun-drenched.  Buff your makeup into your skin and use a larger brush to gently blend your bronzer.

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