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Finding the right highlighter, and the right way to use it, might be the holy grail of the winter makeup maven.  If winter’s dry air and cold wind leaves you feeling dull and uninspired, you’ll definitely want to learn about how to get glowing skin using a face highlighter.

There are so many face highlighters on the market nowadays that can alter the shape of your face, downplay a wide nose and accent high cheekbones.  There are three key areas to apply highlighter: the cheekbones and temples, the eyes, and the cupid’s bow.

Have you been using the techniques of highlight and contour?

Sometimes you may use the technique of highlight and contour without even knowing it. For example, applying a lighter color under the eyebrow (highlight), or adding a bit of shade under the cheekbone to sculpt definition (contour).  By using highlighter makeup, you will be able to make certain features stand out.

A final thing to keep in mind is that lighter skin tones work best with lighter iridescent shades such as champagne tones and darker skin tones tend to work best with darker shades like bronze shades.

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