Fun and Trendy Hairstyles

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The winter holiday season is a great time to upgrade your holiday hairdo. There are some great ways to try fun and trendy holiday hairstyles this year.

Add some sparkle to your mane with headbands. Try rhinestones to have a glittery look. Look for interesting designs that enhance your outfit or add twinkle. The idea is to shine.

Attending a more conservative family affair? Try ribbons. Add prettiness to your locks by pulling your hair back and tying a ribbon into a bow. What could be more festive than ribbons?

How can putting your hair up in a different style effect your overall look?

Updos always add a touch of elegance and look great on everyone. Go for a sleek and sophisticated or use flowing strands for a messier easygoing style. Updos are a great way of attaining the perfect evening image you wish to project.  Don’t want to commit to a full updo? Experiment with halfway hairstyles. Try twisting or braiding a portion of your hair into an updo. Use loose strands to cascade down and soften your face.

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