Fun and Creative Styles for Bangs

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Having bangs can be a bummer when you want to work out.  As you start to perspire, your bangs can stick to your forehead and hair can get in your eyes while using the treadmill. If your bangs keep getting in the way, what do you do? Well, start by reading this article about the best ways to keep them out of your face.

Are you looking for feathery, face-framing layers even at the gym?

These ideas range from complicated, like singer Ciara’s edgy crown, to simply using some of those 90’s bendy clips to keep your hair off your forehead.   You can duplicate Ciara’s edgy crown by parting the thin fringe in the center of your hairline.  Follow that by going along your natural hairline and braid each side.

Another way to keep short strands from sticking to your forehead is to loosely twist hairs and then pin them back. You can add some sparkle by wrapping a brightly-colored elastic around the center. And if you want a more a more stylish look, you can add some cornrows to the middle of your hair.

There are countless techniques to make your hairstyle easy to manage as well as chic when you go to the gym.

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5 Creative Ways To Keep Your Bangs Out Of Your Face At The Gym