How To Fix Common Beauty Mistakes

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Don’t you hate it when you reach for your treasured red lipstick only to realize it has broken in two or simply melted in the sun?  Terror! What do you do?  You don’t need to freak out.  There are many do-it-yourself tips to save your prized makeup and your money.

From fixing damaged lipsticks and repairing eyeshadows that have started to crumble into pieces to smashed bronzers and foundation compacts, you can fix them all with very similar actions.  So if you accidentally bump your makeup off the counter, do not panic.  You will find helpful tips to fix any surprising beauty product mistake with everyday household items.

Do you want to fix your broken beauty products instead of having to throw them in the garbage?

For example, to restore a broken lipstick, all you need is a blow dryer, a butter knife, a paper towel, and a freezer.  Simply melt the lipstick on high heat from your blow dryer and then use the knife to smooth everything out and then freeze for 20 minutes.

With just an investment of a small amount of your time, you will learn how to repair lipstick, eye shadow, and many other beauty items that would otherwise have been tossed in the trash.  And another perk, you won’t have the added expense of purchasing new products.

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