How to find the Perfect Lipstick for your Skintone

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Finding your perfect red lipstick doesn’t have to be confusing or frustrating.  You just need some good advice and self-confidence.  The following tips from makeup artist Emily Kate Warren will guide you in choosing your perfect shade of red lipstick to compliment your skin tone.

What is your skin tone?

In order to choose the correct lipstick, there are three simple categories of skin tone for each of us, light-skinned, medium-skinned, or dark-skinned. The type of red lipstick is different for each category. Each type of red lipstick is unique in its own way, and by narrowing it down to one of these categories, the search for red lipstick is no longer a problem.

Red lipstick that works best on light-skinned people will not look as nice on medium-skinned or darker-skinned people.  For the best red lipstick, find the shade that goes best with your skin tone.

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