Facts about Dandruff that You Need to Know

photo credit: www.self.com

Have you been embarrassed by dandruff?  When you go to the salon, do you find yourself explaining about your dry flakes?  There are many mistaken ideas about dandruff and what causes this scalp irritation.

First of all, dandruff is not triggered simply by a dry scalp.  To the contrary, dandruff is more likely to happen to someone with oily rather than dry scalp. The truth is that when skin cells divide too fast, it causes flakes to build up.

How often should you wash your hair to control dandruff flakes?

Another fallacy is that you need to wash your hair less frequently when you have dandruff.   Not true.  You need to wash daily to rinse away debris and product.  And if you think you can get rid of it and actually heal dandruff, think again.  There is no way to get rid of it completely.  The best you can do is to control it.  Learn to manage your dandruff using the right techniques.

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