Eyeliner Tips for Beginners

photo by: self.com

Eyeliner is actually not very complicated once you get the hang of it.  Also it’s one of the greatest techniques to accentuate your natural beauty.  There are simple tips to help you become a winged cat eye professional in a flash.

Are you looking to up your eye makeup game?  Are you using eyeliner in a way that accentuates your beauty?  There are different types of eyeliner available (such as pencil, gel, and liquid) and you need to know how to choose which type is best for you.  Don’t forget to use primer, and make sure you choose the right color.

Easy techniques that will make applying eyeliner much simpler include holding your eye taut so you can create an accurate line.  It is helpful to use pencil prior to liquid eyeliner for better accuracy thus allowing you to get a more precise line.  And don’t forget to blend with a gentle stroke and make sure to give it time to dry.

After reading this article you will be well on your way to becoming an eyeliner expert. And don’t worry about any mistakes you might make, you’ll even learn how to fix those (with a simple Q-tip)!

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Eyeliner Tips for the Beginner