Eyeliner Tips and Tricks for Better Application

photo credit: www.shape.com

Are you looking for eyeliner tips and tricks for a better application? Here are tips from self.com designed to perfect the application of eyeliner.

First of all, never ever pull or tug around your eye area. Making the skin taught may feel like the best thing, but when you let go, your eyeliner will too.  Also, the eye area is the most fragile area on your face and should be treated with care.

Is it better to use liquid, gel or pencil eyeliner?

The ultimate objective with eyeliner is getting your eyes lined perfect.  When you use liquid or gel eyeliner, it can give you a very dramatic look, but it dries so fast that there is little time to blend.  That’s why a pencil is actually a better choice for more control.

Applying a darker liner on the bottom of your eyes but forgetting to line the top will give an uneven kind of look that will pull your eyes down. Use a lighter shade of eyeliner on the bottom than you use on top. This will not only provide you with nice definition, but will still allow you to have that gorgeous look you want.

And speaking of lining your eyes, the waterline is likely the most undervalued tip in makeup.  It can completely revitalize your eyes but you have to select the right shade. Generally speaking if you use black in your waterline, your eyes can actually appear smaller.  Try softer colors such as taupe or gray. Brighten your eyes with strategic use of colors. Softer colors will give you a sultry look.

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