Eyeliner Makeup Tutorial for Easy Application

photo credit: self.com

This easy eyeliner makeup tutorial will guide you through the process of applying eyeliner in a smooth, well defined line. While it may seem to be an impossible goal, with a little direction from the experts, anyone can learn this skill.

If you’ve struggled with bumps and smudges and have been unable to master the “cat eye,” then with a little practice, you will master this skill in no time.  There is no need to avoid the amazing looks you can create with eyeliner.

Do you struggle with uneven eyeliner, and are you always trying to get the perfect cat eye?

The first step in mastering eyeliner is to gather the right tools and products.  An eye shadow primer will create a smooth and consistent base for the liquid eyeliner. It will also keep the eyeliner in the area it is applied to instead of the liquid spreading out onto the eye lid.

As you apply the eyeliner, make sure you keep your eyes open. It is difficult to paint a smooth, straight line with one eye closed. Use a pencil eyeliner to create a first line and then top that with a liquid eyeliner.

You should practice making a few small dashes as an alternative to attempting to do one big, lengthy stroke.  Start in the middle of your lash line and work your way out in a progression of little lines, creating your line as you go.  Using shorter strokes is the key to making eyeliner application a breeze.

If you notice a mistake, don’t attempt to fix it with a makeup remover. It will only make the problem worse. Instead use a Q-tip that has been dipped in water for your eyeliner repairs.

Even more complicated looks can be accomplished with these guides.  Practice will make perfect, and it’s fun to be creative.

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