Eyebrow Shaping Tutorial

photo credit: www.makeup.com

In this eyebrow shaping tutorial, makeup artist Emily Oliver talks about the different eyebrow shapes. She shows how you can easily get the eyebrow shape that you have always wanted. She offers advice and techniques on how to achieve five different eyebrow styles to choose from to get the look that you want.

What is your preferred eyebrow shape?

From On the Up & Up to Straight Shooter to Pretty Boy to Golden Arches to Unique Point of view, you’ll learn about the best and simplest way to get the results that you have always wanted.

Most techniques only require some simple trimming and brushing.  With just a few beauty products such as eyebrow pencils, powder, gel, pomade, and an eyebrow brush, most of these brow looks can be achieved in three steps or less.

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