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We all want to know how to extend the life of our makeup. Experts believe that to keep your makeup on all day long, you must begin with a freshly cleansed face.

You know how a manicure always looks the best when you use a good base coat? The same works for your makeup!  Using a primer will help seal your pores, blur your flaws, and your makeup will last.

Should you wait and let your moisturizer sink in before putting your foundation on?

When it comes to foundation, long-lasting, oil-free formulas stay put the best because they don’t contain the emollient ingredients that can make makeup slide off your face.  However, if your skin is dry, you’ll need to use a hydrating formula. To keep your makeup in place, first let your moisturizer sink in entirely (for at least five minutes) before applying your foundation. When applying any face products, begin with thin layers and build ­up your coverage from there.

As for blush, again, it’s all about the formula.  It’s best to choose a gel, liquid, or cream cheek stain.  These are highly pigmented, which explains why they last longer.  They go on sheer, so you can add color gradually as you build until you get the intensity you want. If you favor powder blush, try a little bit brighter shade than what you normally use.  It will fade during the day and change into something more subtle but it will still be noticeable.

And with regard to your lips, begin by using a pencil lip liner to outline and fill your mouth with a shade that’s similar to your lipstick.  This helps to anchor the color on top.  Apply a matte lipstick using a lip brush to push the pigment deeper into your lips.  Apply several thin layers to build up the color you want.

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