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When asked to keep your makeup brushes clean, you may say to yourself, “Sanitize my makeup brushes?  That’s too much work.  I’ll do it another time.”  However, you need to think again because safety and sanitation is important in most of your daily routines.

Do you know the best way to dry your makeup brushes?

There are some brushes that need special care when cleaning to assure they do not fall apart.  And when you’re drying them, make sure they are upside down to protect them from harboring mold or other bacteria.

There are some great tips about cleaning, drying and even properly storing your favorite tools of the beauty trade. There is no need to spend an exorbitant amount of money on cleaning supplies. A small bottle of baby shampoo works just fine.  It’s gentle and works extremely well for sensitive skin.

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Keep makeup brushes clean, avoid infections