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You’ve got your holiday decorations, accessories, and outfit all set, but have you thought about your nails? Consider nail art to make your nails fit the glitzy season. Here is a DIY holiday nail art tutorial┬áto get you started.

Do you think it’s difficult to get your nails into the holiday spirit?

There are some very simple steps involved in achieving this holiday look. First, hydrate your nails and cuticles properly to condition and protect them from dryness. Next, apply a base coat to smooth and protect, and then a layer of bright red nail polish.

After the red polish dries, paint on a light blue in the shape of an arch, with a wide line at the tip of the nail that curves to a point at the base. Repeat the previous step with a metallic gold, and then finish it off with a top coat to protect your design. Now your nails are in the holiday spirit!

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