DIY Beauty Hacks to NOT Try

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While you’ll find a plethora of DIY skincare tips offering you so many beauty tips, but what about DIY beauty hacks to NOT try?We all long to prove that we have what it takes to think outside the box but there are some words of caution to consider when trying DIY beauty hacks.

While whipping up your own moisturizer can be cool, there are some remedies that can hurt. Everyone can relate to worrying at the thought of acne, blackheads, oily foreheads, and cold sores showing up on an important day.

Have you heard about using clear nail polish to fight cold sores?

However, in your desperation, don’t try every single DIY idea you hear about.  For instance, this doesn’t mean that applying toothpaste to pimples, glue to your blackheads, deodorant to oily regions, or laying on a layer of clear polish to cold sores, is a good idea. These items are not made for delicate faces, and can cause anything from mild over-drying and redness to actual infections and scarring.

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