Curly Hair Mistakes to Avoid

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Are the 80’s back?  My curly hair sure hopes so!  Recently, we’ve been seeing a worldwide acceptance of curly locks. If you have curly hair, you’ve undoubtedly logged in many hours of habitually flat ironing or straightening it.  Well, now it’s time to let your curls fly free and uninhibited.

However, if you don’t know how to control your curls, you can look like a tangled mess and in total disarray. Learn about everyday hair care blunders that could be causing  your natural curls to look a mess.

Do your curls look healthy and shiny or dried out and frizzy?

Managing curly hair can be challenging. Here are some tips to make it more manageable. Curly hair has a natural tendency of drying out, so dial back the shampooing.  And don’t rough your hair up with a towel when you dry it.  Instead, wrap your hair with a microfiber towel and let it dry.

Make sure you use the correct hair care products. You need to use different products depending on your hair type (fine, thick, etc.). Make sure when you’re using these products that you get down to the root (not just the surface).

And when you wake up in the morning, it’s inevitable that your hair will be frizzy with flyaway hairs. All you need to do is just dampen your hair in the morning before styling to combat this “sleepy hair” effect.

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