Complimentary Makeovers for Cancer Patients

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When makeup artist Norman Freeman gives makeovers to cancer patients, it’s not only their appearances that transform before his eyes. “I feel like it uplifts their spirits,” he shared. “You can tell right away it was a confidence booster.”

Battling chemotherapy is difficult for patients struggling with cancer, but Freeman is helping a few women to get through it with a smile. Recently, he began touring hospitals to offer complimentary makeovers for cancer patients.

Did you know that hair loss can cause a lack of confidence?

The low self-esteem that often comes from hair loss is a problem he understands all too well.  Norman has an autoimmune disorder called alopecia, which causes sudden hair loss. Norman said his confidence was shattered as a child when bullies taunted him over his appearance. But after discovering makeup, his self-esteem grew. One day he gave his cancer-stricken aunt a makeover and saw the positive effect his skills could have on other people too

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