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Hairstylists recommend that if you are looking to dye your hair red, you should consider putting in blond highlights.  You can get a great look if you combine red and blonde for gorgeous highlights.

Have you ever dyed your hair red with blonde highlights?

Red hair color became a really popular trend this fall due to the wide-palette choice of shades. This color is  known as wild and fierce. And if you add the right highlights, your hair will look like it’s on fire.

This style is simple to apply. All you need is a highlighting kit and red hair dye. You are free to use whatever shade of red you want, as long as it will mix well with the blond highlights. Dye the bulk of your hair red, while keeping the parts you want highlighted pinned up and out of the way.  Once you’ve dyed and rinsed the red out, you can apply the highlighter kit to the parts you’ve left alone. It’s better to do this in two steps to reduce the risk of the dyes contaminating each other.

There are several different looks that you can achieve when dying your hair. You can choose from honey highlights, copper and blonde, red and blonde color, or blond tips. Whatever you end up choosing will be absolutely stunning!

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