Bad Beauty Trend

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Are you the kind of person to follow the hottest new trend just because of endorsement by a famous celebrity? Stop now and educate yourself about what you are doing before your eyebrows fall off!

Are you always following the latest trends?

Look at these women who have had horrifying results all because of this fad. Using product testers to investigate this new trend landed someone in the emergency room, and another person had to use acetone to remove this, and you won’t believe what her face looks like now!

Watch this video, get informed and keep your eyebrows safe.  Proof you should listen to the cosmetic experts before your favorite celebrity, unless of course she also happens to be a real expert. The results of this test, however horrifying, serve as a warning.  Check this video out and be forewarned.

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The Beauty Trend That Has Women’s Eyebrows Falling Off