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SELF Magazine’s makeup artist Faye Lauren provides great information about beauty mistakes to avoid in the summer months.  Lauren explains that you don’t have to be caught off guard when the weather heats up and your face starts to feel like it’s going to melt off.

You can continue having great coverage if you make a couple of changes to your routine.  The methods you used during the winter and spring aren’t necessarily the best routine for the summer.

Do you know how to avoid that frightening moment when you look in the mirror and see makeup dripping down your face?

With the summer heat, heavy coverage isn’t necessary and it can even be a detriment to your look.  Too much foundation in the summer can even cause your makeup to drip down your face.  Use clean fingers to blend and even out.  If you need more coverage, use concealer to spot cover your imperfections.  Also, You may need to purchase a darker foundation during the summer due to the hot summer sun making your skin darker.

To get a flawless blend, instead of using brushes, you should use a sponge to massage the product into your skin. Brushes are great for applying makeup, but to get a perfect seamless blend you’ll want to use a sponge. In addition, the sponge will absorb excess product and ensure that you don’t end up with a cakey feeling at the end of the day.

And finally, when you’ve finished with your makeup application, remember to use the right finishing spray to lock your look in place.

To find out the most common summer foundation mistakes and the solutions to help you breeze through the scorching season, read the full article here:

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