Beauty Bloggers Tips on Makeup Storage

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Read the following tips from beauty bloggers about makeup storage. Those who make their livelihood from making beauty videos on youtube or writing makeup reviews know that they have huge collections of products such as foundation, powder, lipstick, and eye shadow to name a few.  Many beauty bloggers collect a wide array of items to review and need a place to put them.

So where does all that makeup go?  And is it organized and easy to find what you need?

You must have numerous drawers,and there are many drawer units to choose from. The taller bureaus with more small drawers are best for makeup storage.  You can fit rows and rows of lipsticks, and mascara in smaller sized drawers.  In the deeper drawers you can store bigger eyeshadow palettes and your foundation.

Also, it works better if the drawers are clear as well as having individual dividers to keep everything visible and in its place.  If you have clear containers, it makes it even easier to know what you have amassed, and the dividers help to further organize within the drawer.

There are many places to store makeup items.  Some are stylish but function is really what is most important.  To learn more about what types of storage that makeup bloggers are using, see the original article here:

This Is How Beauty Bloggers Store All That Makeup