Makeup Tips for When You're Tired

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Some nights you just don’t get a good nights’ sleep. Sometimes you just need some beauty advice for when you”re tired.  Whatever the reason for not getting enough sleep, you are likely to get out of bed and find you look as tired as you feel.  Dry and dull skin, dark circles, and droopy eyes will give you away.

When you’re worn-out, a loss of lipids can dehydrate your skin, leaving it feeling dry, dull and tight.  The answer to this is to moisturize even more than you ordinarily do.  Apply moisturizing cream and wait a minute to see if you need to apply more.

Should you wear extra foundation to cover your dark circles and droopy eyes?

Another great tip is that if you typically wear foundation, go ahead and skip it. Tired skin tends to be coarse and uneven.  Foundation looks better when applied to a smooth surface.  In lieu of a thick foundation, use a tinted lightweight moisturizer.  This will glide on easily and help tone down your skin’s natural redness.

Minimal makeup is also best on tired eyes. Stick with soft matte colors and avoid those that shimmer.  They will only draw attention to droopiness and puffiness.  Use lighter shades on your lid, and make sure they blend easily with your skin tone. Avoid dark shades, which can cause your eyes to look as if they are receding.  Also, stay away from rosy or red-toned shades because they can make you look even more tired.

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