How to Avoid Mistakes with your Color-Treated Hair

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Caring for color-treated hair can be challenging. And let’s face it, due to modern innovations and cutting-edge hair products, there really are no limitations to your hair color.

However, there are plenty of potential mistakes to be made when getting your hair colored.  If you want to keep the color of your dreams, review the following list of common hair color slip-ups to avoid.

First off, after you’ve invested time and money with your stylist, you need to make sure you are putting in time and effort into finding the right at-home hair products.  If you use shampoo and conditioner with damaging effects, your color will fade quickly.

Don’t disregard advice from your hair stylist.  They know best since they’ve seen more hair color mistakes than anyone.  Stylists warn that you need to stay away from making extreme color switches (especially at home).  It may take a few visits to get the color you want, so don’t rush it.

Finally, make sure you are choosing a color that compliments your skin tone.  If you match your hair color to your skin, you could end up looking extremely washed out.

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