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Expert Advice to Keep Your Makeup on All Day Long

We all want to know how to extend the life of our makeup. Experts believe that to keep your makeup on all day long, you must begin with a freshly cleansed face. You know how a manicure always looks the best when you use a good base coat? The same works for your makeup!  Using a primer will help seal your pores, blur your flaws, and your makeup will last. Should you wait and let your moisturizer sink in before putting your foundation on? When it comes to foundation, long-lasting, oil-free formulas stay put the best because they don’t...

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Beauty Advice for When You’re Tired

Some nights you just don’t get a good nights’ sleep. Sometimes you just need some beauty advice for when you”re tired.  Whatever the reason for not getting enough sleep, you are likely to get out of bed and find you look as tired as you feel.  Dry and dull skin, dark circles, and droopy eyes will give you away. When you’re worn-out, a loss of lipids can dehydrate your skin, leaving it feeling dry, dull and tight.  The answer to this is to moisturize even more than you ordinarily do.  Apply moisturizing cream and wait a minute to see...

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How to Get Rid of Sunken Eyes

If you’ve thought about elective procedures as an answer to how to get rid of your sunken eyes, try some diy tricks first.  Having sunken eyes is a universal condition that appears around the eyes as you age. This is caused by things like stress, dehydration, inadequate diet or not getting enough sleep. People with sunken eyes can have a very sickly and tired appearance. There are some natural diy remedies to help effectively get rid of that deep sunken look. One trick is to slice a raw potato into thin layers and place on your eyes for a...

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