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Get Your Skin Ready for Winter

If the winter weather is creating chaos with your look, don’t lose faith.  With the right tips and tricks, you can get your skin ready for winter, and your makeup can survive whatever any season throws at it. You can get dry skin patches that can build up on your skin in the winter.  The patches will make your skin look dull even if you put on a lot of makeup.  To get your skin gleaming again, it’s best to gently exfoliate at least once a week, follow that with a face serum, and end with an extra-moisturizing cream. ...

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Hair Color Trends for Fall

There are some amazingly beautiful hair color trends for fall.  For one, succulents are having an important yet unforeseen hair moment. The term succulent is referring to those drought-resistant plants. This multi-toned style is showing up everywhere.  It’s been recreated and reinterpreted in so many ways all over Instagram.  You can choose darker colors or a bright, more neon shade.  Nevertheless, it’s most important to build the color piece by piece by weaving purple and magenta colors in at the ends of your hair, a turquoise shade through the length, and last, a jade hue near the crown. Should you try the...

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2016 Makeup Trends for Fall and Winter

Are you keeping up with the makeup trends for fall and winter this year? Every season the latest makeup trends are shown at fashion shows, and the new makeup collections hit the beauty aisle.  However, there are certain makeup trends that never really go away. Why is the “no-makeup” look always so popular? Radiant glowing skin is always in fashion.  And the “no makeup” look has been in style for many seasons.  This is mainly because of the attention paid to more natural and organic beauty products.  Professionals are turning to tinted moisturizers, using highlighting and contouring with just a...

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Makeup for Aging Skin

There is not a lot of information out there about makeup for aging skin. That may be why there has been so much focus on the latest YouTube makeup tutorial for senior citizens by Lisa Eldridge.  She did not publicize or promote her video but traffic has grown due to word of mouth. It has been viewed nearly 263,000 times in the last two weeks.  This is one of the rare online beauty videos directed at an older audience.  Many women complain that there is not enough beauty tips for those struggling with age spots and wrinkles. Do you...

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How to Fix Your Makeup After Crying

While crying can be extremely cathartic, let’s be honest, the aftermath is never pretty. Swollen eyes and tear-stained cheeks don’t suit anyone. You’ll want to know how to fix your makeup after crying. And never mind how great things seem to be going for you, if you haven’t cried yet, you probably will. Recent studies indicate that women tend to cry about 30 to 64 times each year.  The therapeutic relief of a good cry can do wonders for your emotional stability, but it’s not so helpful in keeping your makeup looking fresh. What is the best and fastest...

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