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Makeup Tutorial for Valentine’s Day

If you love or hate this holiday, it’s still a great excuse to get dressed up and try a new style. You don’t need to worry about your hair and makeup if you follow this makeup tutorial for Valentine’s Day. No matter your status, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to spice things up a bit. Whether you’re headed for a girls’ night or a date night, or you want to treat yourself to a little pampering, You can choose whether you want a look that is simple and playful or one that is more of a stunning yet...

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Makeup to Make You Look Younger

It’s not called a beauty “routine” for nothing: Once you find makeup products you like—say, in your 20s—too many people avoid switching things up, and it can go on for years on end. Many don’t realize there is makeup to make you look younger. Have you been practicing the same beauty routine your entire life? Recently a poll was conducted, and it revealed that more than 30% of people admitted that they had not changed one thing about their beauty routine in over ten years.  The problem with that is products and techniques that flatter us when we’re young, don’t...

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How to Hide Tear Troughs

As you age, you can become completely preoccupied with your eye area. The dark circles are annoying, and the fine lines are never ideal, and then there’s tear troughs. What is a tear trough? A tear trough is simply a groove or a very slight indent caused by thinning skin (so appears bluer and darker than just a dark circle) and a slight bagging of the eye, These combine to create a slight shadow. If you are just using a plain old concealer, it isn’t going to do a good job of hiding them.  And if you think adding...

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Making and Achieving Your Goals in 2017

Have you decided that this is the time for making and achieving your goals in 2017?  Or did you start the year off with good intentions and now feel as though the resolutions are becoming harder to stick with?  You’ll learn how to make this the year you stick to all of your resolutions. Did you make big plans for your new year of resolutions only to find yourself struggling? There is so much potential for change in your life.  To begin, simply set your goals.  Figure out what you need to do to get where you want in the future...

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Makeup Tutorial for New Year’s Eve

This is the sexy, bold new year’s eve makeup tutorial you need.  All you need to get it is follow these simple steps for your ideal makeup tutorial for new year’s eve.  Look at it as your way of saying goodbye to what’s from the past and what is too extreme. Don’t let the glitter mislead you.  It’s pretty simple because you’ll put most effort on the crease colors and then the lips. Don’t overstate and you’ll keep your face looking fresh. How can you get your makeup to last all day? The first step is to prepare your face...

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