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Trendy Hair Colors for the Winter

Winter is the perfect occasion to experiment with trendy hair colors. During the winter, you don’t have to be concerned with which color will fade less in the sun, so it’s an opportune time to try highly pigmented, darker shades.  And darker shades are more fashionable in winter. Every winter, people find themselves wanting to ditch the sun-kissed highlights from the summer in favor of a deeper, richer hair color—perhaps in part due to the chill in the air. Is it easier to manage lighter or darker hair colors? In general, darker hair colors are easier to manage in...

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Healthy Hair Care for the Winter

It’s no mystery that winter is a very drying time for skin and hair.  You could end up with chapped lips, flaky dry skin, and hair, and that can cause problems.  This time of year can be harsh on your hair, so you’ll need healthy hair care advice for the winter. One of the main ways to maintain healthy hair is to avoid high-heat methods of styling. This will dry out and damage your hair even more. Try other styling methods such as using curlers or going to bed with your hair wet. Also you need to make sure your...

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Makeup Tutorial: Have you heard of the Sooty Eye?

The smoky eye look has been around for centuries, and recently it has been updated to a new look called the sooty eye. Like the smoky eye, it involves using dark eye shadow with eyeliner. However, unlike the smoky eye, the sooty eye look is more oily and slick. Here you’ll learn how to create this contemporary twist on the smoky eye.  This is different than the smoky eye in that you have a more oily look.  The real trick to getting this this look is to use a thin coating of face oil. What is the best foundation...

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Be an Expert in Knotted Hairstyles

You see it everyday. You notice a woman walking down the street (or riding the train, wherever you may be) sporting a knotted hairstyle, and you wonder, “How did she get that look?” If you want to be an expert in knotted hairstyles, then read on. Have you been intimidated by knotted hairstyles? If you are looking for a chic twist to how you style your hair, you should to look into knotted hairstyles. These may be a little scary, but knotted hairstyles are simple once you learn the methods to get the best looks. There are different types...

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Tips to Make Your Makeup Last

It’s never easy to keep your makeup flawless all day long. You can layer primers and foundations designed to last, but it can be cumbersome.  You don’t have to make it difficult.  With a couple tips to make your makeup last, you’re look will be fresh and glowing all day long. It takes a bit of work to keep your makeup fresh all day, but it’s worth it. You can carry your beauty product around and touch it up throughout the day, or you can try something even more simple to keep your makeup from fading away. Do you...

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