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Hair Masks You Can do at Home

Whenever you dye your hair, you have to take special care of it. You want the color to stay bright for as long as possible, as well as avoid unnecessary damage to your hair. There are hair masks that you can do at home to keep your hair bright and hydrated. Color-treated hair comes with its own set of particular worries. There’s the difficulty in making sure your color remains bright until the next time you color your hair. Moisture also becomes crucial because most permanent dyes are damaging and drying to hair. You can end up with split ends...

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Popular Eyebrow Styles for the Winter

Popular eyebrow styles for the winter are heavier and darker.  Winter is typically the time for all things dark and heavy in a look, so heavy brows are no exception. A hugely popular look this winter is to wear brows darker and only lightly tweezed, just enough to keep them in a certain shape. Bold eyebrows are here to stay. Can you wear your eyebrows bushy yet sculpted? The tricky part of bold brows is that if they’re not trimmed exactly right, you could veer into a caveman sort of look. The easiest way to prevent this from happening...

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Try the Latest Lip Trend: The Wet Shimmering Lip

A perfectly glossy shimmer lip is the holy grail of lip trends, but it can be notoriously hard to achieve. Have you been wanting to try this latest lip trend? Many swear off lip gloss because of the stickiness factor. Let’s face it, no matter how hard you try, it’s difficult to make a good impression with your hair stuck to your lips, Discover how a simple upgrade to premium lip products that work (without the dreaded stickiness factor) can let you achieve the perfect gloss shimmer. Are you feeling creative and would like to make your own gloss?...

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Hairstyles for the Winter that Will Get Everyone’s Attention

Winter is the season for fashion and styles of layers of attires, beautiful colors and bold hairstyles, and you can rock hairstyles for the winter that will get everyone’s attention. Do you feel like experimenting with your hairstyle? In winter, there is good reason to adjust your hair style from how you were wearing it during the summer. Depending on your climate, your hair may have lost some of its summer volume. However, it’s not necessary to tie your hair up like you do in the summer. Winter is the time to experiment with hairdos that you like without caring...

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Top DIY Winter Nail Art Designs

Let your nails be an instant accessory on days too cold to even get dressed. You can be fashionable this season with beautiful winter nail art. It’s not difficult to replicate these inspirational DIY winter nail art designs. With cold weather coming, why not lighten up your nails with shimmer details and/or flecks of gold? Winter is one of the most exciting seasons of the year for fashion.  You can mix and match your wardrobe and make a statement. When you have your hair and outfit down, make sure you also have a good manicure. Even though most of...

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