Anti-frizz Tips for Your Hair

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Your own bad habits and behavior could be the cause of your frizzy hair.  Are you looking for some anti-frizz tips?  Hot, humid weather can easily turn what was perfectly curly hair into a head of frizz. Even straight hair can go frizzy during the dog days of summer.

What is the best temperature to rinse your freshly washed and conditioned hair?

You need to rinse your hair with the right temperature, which means a cold rinse.  This is the best temperature to keep the frizz away because it will close the cuticle of your hair.  After shampooing, choose a lukewarm rinse.  To rinse out your conditioner, use the coldest water.  Tim Rogers, creative director of Living Proof, says that the colder it is, the better for your hair.

Make sure you are using the attachments that come with your blow dryer and invest in the right brush.  A narrow nozzle is ideal for straight hairstyles.  If your hair is curly, use a diffuser.  The brush you use daily is key, and how do you use your towel to dry your hair?Blot, blot, blot!  Do not rub too hard when toweling your hair dry.  Instead, gently blot with the towel.  And if you want to be even more o be even more diligent, get rid of the towel and use a soft old t’shirt.

Tie your hair up at the end of the day. Writhing around while trying to sleep can be as harmful as a forceful towel rubbing.  Before bed, make sure that your hair is protected.  Try a topknot at the top of your head.  Also using a silk pillowcase will decrease hair frizz by lessening the friction.

Those are just some of the ways this beauty expert recommends to combat the frizzies. For more on how to stop the frizzies, read the original article here:
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