Amazing Hairstyles for Your Big Night Out

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Wavy hair, shiny blowouts and amazing mussed braids, these are just a few of the amazing hairstyles for your big night out.  The most attractive, attention-grabbing hairstyles are perfect for a first date, third date, or staying home on the couch with takeout.

Do you know the one thing you need to get that sleek and straight look?

Chic looks like the sleek and straight example require the perfect shine spray to accomplish. You can embellish this look further with a baby barrette styled just outside the corner of your eye. You can create a polished look with short hair too by combing your hair up and over after applying a spray gel to achieve a polished coif.

Longer, thicker hair can be styled in many ways. Pulling your hair back can look softer if you crimp the hair framing your face on either side.  Fish tails are a great relaxed look for women with long hair, and side braids can create a polished updo style when pinned up.

The falling out pony gathers your hair up in a relaxed way that almost looks like it’s down or you could just wear your hair in long loose waves.  And the sixties hair has made a comeback with a wide banded headband made even more compelling with a cats-eye eyeliner.

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