Add Contouring to your Morning Makeup Regime

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Most women have a morning makeup regime that they have been using for years.  When time is of the essence, and hitting the snooze alarm is out of the question, we all could use some tips to save time on our makeup application.

Now you don’t need a makeup artist to get glowing skin. With a few time-saving tips about the perfect contouring for your skin, you’ll look just as if you stepped out of a beauty magazine.

Is your getting-ready time making you late?

Keep in mind that to simplify things, just use a contouring kit.  It’s convenient and a great timesaver since you ahve all you need in one place.

“E +3” contouring and highlighting technique. This is achieved by drawing an E shape on the outside of your face. Also, you may want to simplify things and just use a contouring kit.  or to try the Neapolitan palette for the best results. Another important tip to keep in mind is to use a makeup sponge or your fingers to blend.

3-step contouring is yet another option to do a simple contour involving 3 colors (like the colors in neopolitan icecream).  The pink is for the blush, brown for contour, and the white is for highlighting.

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