2016 Makeup Trends for Fall and Winter

photo credit: www.multiculturalbeauty.about.com

Are you keeping up with the makeup trends for fall and winter this year? Every season the latest makeup trends are shown at fashion shows, and the new makeup collections hit the beauty aisle.  However, there are certain makeup trends that never really go away.

Why is the “no-makeup” look always so popular?

Radiant glowing skin is always in fashion.  And the “no makeup” look has been in style for many seasons.  This is mainly because of the attention paid to more natural and organic beauty products.  Professionals are turning to tinted moisturizers, using highlighting and contouring with just a little bit of foundation and/or concealer to even out skin tone.

And don’t forget the smoky eye.  Each season brings variations of the smoky eye, from super-smoked out to a more subtle look.  The smoky eye is what you need if you want a more chic or dramatic look.  While there have been seasons when colored eyebrows have been seen on the runways, a strong defined brow that brings sophistication to your look is trending now.

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