Makeup to Make You Look Younger

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It’s not called a beauty “routine” for nothing: Once you find makeup products you like—say, in your 20s—too many people avoid switching things up, and it can go on for years on end. Many don’t realize there is makeup to make you look younger.

Have you been practicing the same beauty routine your entire life?

Recently a poll was conducted, and it revealed that more than 30% of people admitted that they had not changed one thing about their beauty routine in over ten years.  The problem with that is products and techniques that flatter us when we’re young, don’t do the same as we get older. Also, as people age, they are new to having wrinkles, so they just don’t know how to minimize fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and other signs of aging.

Once you’re over 50, it’s really time to adjust your routine.  If you have to use foundation, make sure to moisturize before applying it.  Otherwise your skin ends up sucking up all the moisture from the foundation and emphasizes lines.  Instead of foundation, it’s better to simply spot treat with concealer. If you try to cover every blemish, line or wrinkle with foundation, you could easily end up emphasizing what you’re trying to hide.  Also, it might be time to get rid of your face powder.

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