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Celebrity makeup artist Sir John gives us his top five tricks to keep your makeup lasting all day long. You will first learn how to get your skin ready for makeup so that there is less build up, and ways to help keep your makeup on your face all day long.  You’re skin needs to be makeup ready before you even begin.

The three main spots that you put your makeup on, the eyes, cheeks, and lip, are covered.  Revealed is the secrets of how to keep the makeup in these areas lasting all day long.

To begin with, apply moisturizer to your skin to help the makeup adhere to your skin better.  On the eyes, using concealer as a primer on your lids is not a good idea as it can change the color of the eyeshadow since concealer oxidizes and will change the color as the day goes on. Using actual makeup primer is the best way to keep the makeup on your eyelids from smearing and helps shadow to last longer.

Putting a cover of eyeshadow that matches your eyeliner over it will keep it fade proof throughout the day.  While putting a translucent powder over your cream blush helps it to stay on without disappearing as the day goes on. And where we once lost our lip color to a can or cup from taking a drink, Sir John gives us a foolproof way to keep that on too, by simply penciling in the same color using lip liner underneath your lipstick.

Just spritz with makeup setting spray to seal in your dazzling look.  Follow these valuable tips to keep your flawless look from morning to night.

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5 tricks to help your makeup last all day