Makeup Tutorial for New Year's Eve

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This is the sexy, bold new year’s eve makeup tutorial you need.  All you need to get it is follow these simple steps for your ideal makeup tutorial for new year’s eve.  Look at it as your way of saying goodbye to what’s from the past and what is too extreme.

Don’t let the glitter mislead you.  It’s pretty simple because you’ll put most effort on the crease colors and then the lips. Don’t overstate and you’ll keep your face looking fresh.

How can you get your makeup to last all day?

The first step is to prepare your face and eyes with primer to ensure that your makeup will last. It’s disconcerting if it starts to wear off while you’re still sporting your beautiful dress or out for dinner with friends. Make sure to primer your eyes as well as your face.  Follow up with adding a skin tone color on top of the base to lock in your primer. This also helps to make sure that your eyeshadow colors will blend much simpler. You can use a brush or use your fingers.

Now it’s time for your makeup.  If you want to create the cut-crease effect for new year’s eve, it’s not difficult. It combines two different looks for your eyes: the glittery eye and the smoky one.  The contrast balances out the effects of the glitter.  You can get more definition if you apply a few layers.  Creating a V-shape with eyeliner enhances the definition to your eyes. It’s best to use an eyeliner pencil when applying your V.

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New Year’s Eve Makeup Tutorial | Gold Glitter Cut Crease With Red Lips