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If you’ve thought about elective procedures as an answer to how to get rid of your sunken eyes, try some diy tricks first.  Having sunken eyes is a universal condition that appears around the eyes as you age.

This is caused by things like stress, dehydration, inadequate diet or not getting enough sleep. People with sunken eyes can have a very sickly and tired appearance. There are some natural diy remedies to help effectively get rid of that deep sunken look.

One trick is to slice a raw potato into thin layers and place on your eyes for a minimum of 30 minutes.  Vital nutrients are transferred to your skin and it will soften and diminish lines under your eyes.  Almond oil has been found to have an abundance of vitamin E, which your skin loves.  Simply apply a teaspoon of almond oil around your eyes at bedtime.  The oil helps to tone under-eye skin and give you a healthier look.

Using tea bags is another method extremely useful for diminishing the appearance of sunken eyes.  You place them on your eyes warm or cold, wait a few minutes, and splash your face with cool water.  It will help to relax your eyes and improve the circulation of blood flow around your eyes.  It will also reduce pigmentation and dark circles.

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