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At StudioZone we’re inspired by beauty in all forms. We aim to bring professional MakeUp artists and makeup enthusiasts the tools that make their artistry come to life. Quality  . . . Integrity  . .  Artistry

Makeup Artists Know the difference and you will too

Makeup Trend: Dark Lipstick

Wearing dark lipstick can be intimidating, but it’s a popular makeup trend. and it’s not difficult to do. And it can also be pretty empowering. So if you’re new to the world of vampy lipstick, there are some tips to help you pull off a dark lip. Dark... read more

Amazing Hairstyles for Your Big Night Out

Wavy hair, shiny blowouts and amazing mussed braids, these are just a few of the amazing hairstyles for your big night out.  The most attractive, attention-grabbing hairstyles are perfect for a first date, third date, or staying home on the couch with takeout. Do you... read more

Makeup Tutorial for Valentine’s Day

If you love or hate this holiday, it’s still a great excuse to get dressed up and try a new style. You don’t need to worry about your hair and makeup if you follow this makeup tutorial for Valentine’s Day. No matter your status, Valentine’s Day is the perfect... read more

Makeup to Make You Look Younger

It’s not called a beauty “routine” for nothing: Once you find makeup products you like—say, in your 20s—too many people avoid switching things up, and it can go on for years on end. Many don’t realize there is makeup to make you look younger. Have you been... read more

How to Master Beauty Techniques

Wouldn’t you like to look more beautiful in 2017? Maybe that goal isn’t as elusive as you think! There are many tips available so that you can learn how to master beauty techniques you may have been too intimidated to try yet. It’s time for trying something new... read more

Nail Care for the Winter

Take a good look at your nails. Are your cuticles dry?  Do you see ridges? Or are you just looking to make your nails stronger?  Proper nail care for the winter can give you new nails in the new year. January is a time of resolutions.  It is a time to put your best... read more